As we invest and plan for the future of The SF Market, we continue to focus our efforts on increasing the impact of our programs, which include: maximizing food recovery and increasing access to healthy food, leading educational tours, creating and linking job opportunities, connecting with local farmers, and supporting healthy retail and food policy efforts. 


Food Recovery Program: Keeping Healthy, Edible Produce Out of the Waste Stream

The Food Recovery Program reduces the amount of food entering the waste stream by redistributing produce that would otherwise be composted to partner organizations that use it to make healthy meals for diverse Bay Area communities. Many times when fruits and vegetables are no longer sellable wholesale, they are still perfectly edible, nutritious and great tasting food; the program seeks to make sure this produce becomes food, not waste. 

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Food Recovery Program, contact

Funded, in part, by the City and County of San Francisco, Department of Environment Zero Waste Grant Program, Clif Bar Family Foundation, the Bothin Foundation, and the General Mills Foundation.


Bayview Hunters Point Produce Donations

The SF Market donates healthy produce for community events to organizations located in our Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. As we are located in the Bayview, and it is one of the neighborhoods in San Francisco that has been identified as a food desert, we provide Bayview Hunters Point community organizations with fresh and healthy donated produce for their events.

To request a donation, please download this form and follow the instructions. 



Healthy Retail & Food Policy Efforts

The SF Market is committed to increasing access to healthy produce for low-income communities. We have long participated both in local neighborhood efforts in the Bayview as well as City-wide efforts to increase access to healthy food for all San Franciscans. The SF Market staff play an active role in the following coalitions working together to increase access to healthy foods and end hunger in San Francisco: Healthy SouthEast (formerly SEFA/Bayview HealZone); Healthy Retail SF program, and San Francisco’s Food Security Taskforce.

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